Our Intention

Hello! Nice to see you here! So, what is this site all about, you ask?


Give you the information you need to make a wise choice about your summer.


Education about the wide world of summer camps

How to approach and get hired by a camp

Special information for folks coming from outside the USA that need a work visa

Who are we?:

This site was created by a group of campy people from the woods of Northern California. We run a small operation called Camp Augusta, a non-profit that runs summer camp and family camps.

We don’t want you to apply to work at our camp unless it is a great fit for you.  There is no application on this site, as we primarily wish to be of service to you, and odds are that isn’t going to be working with us.

If you have thoughts on how we can be of better service in your search for a camp, let us know, and we’ll likely add your question/information to this site.

So that’s who put this together, and nothing related to our camp or promoting our camp for hiring purposes. There’s nothing fishy here either, such as hidden sign-up fees or anything weird. The intention with this web site isn’t to apply here (if you need a search engine, see below!). It’s simply to help potential camp staff all over understand the wide world of counseling, the intricate details, and to help get you to the right summer camp!

For transparency, we’re not interested in making money. If we were, then we wouldn’t be a non-profit. Instead, we’re excited about getting potential camp hires to a space that they will best fit and where the camp will best serve them. Only you can ascertain fit for a camp!

We hope that you can utilize these resources to find a camp that fits your needs.

So, here’s the deal. Well, there’s actually no deal. Quite simply, read through the site, be informed, and find the camp that best fits! Oh, and in case you need some camp job search engines, there are plenty out there. Here is a bunch by type!

Happy searching 🙂

Standard Camp Search:

ACA E-jobs
Camp Staff
Camp Jobs
Camp Channel
Summer Jobs/UK
Allens Guide


International Staff Search:

Camp America
Camp Staff USA
3 Adventures
Make My Summer


Outdoor Education Search:

Backdoor Jobs
Association for Environmental & Outdoor Education
North American Assoc. for Environmental Education
Association for Experiential Education
Barefoot Student


Volunteer & Activist Search:

Orion Grassroots Network