Our Intention

We know that dedicating your summer to working at a camp requires a lot of commitment and planning. There are thousands of camps across the U.S., each with their own perks and unique personalities, so it should come as no surprise that narrowing down your search can be tough. 

We’re not here to tell you which camp is the perfect one for you, but we do have a LOT of knowledge and information that we are more than happy to share. Our goal is to share our wealth of knowledge and experience so that you are prepared to find, and apply for, the summer camp job of your dreams. 


As a crew that comes from a camp of our own, we think it’s important to share that we don’t want you to apply to work at our camp unless it is a great fit for you. There is no application on this site, as our goal here is to be of service, inform, and guide. We know the importance of finding the right camp fit, and we recognize that ours might not be the one.  

Our greatest hope is that you can utilize these resources to find a camp that fits your needs.

A Little More About Camp Augusta 

Camp Augusta is a non-profit camp located in the foothills of Northern California’s Sierra Nevada mountains. Every summer, Augusta’s staff work hard to realize the camp’s vision, which is to reclaim and foster the beauty, wonder, awe, potential, and innocence of childhood. 

In a small, tight-knit community housed in natural splendor, campers develop self-confidence, independence, social skills, creativity, environmental awareness, friendships, and healthy living skills. Campers also learn what most modern children have forgotten — how to simply play and be a kid, without social pressures or technology.

Camp Augusta’s staff is like no other. With a staff selection process that puts most job applications to shame and one of the longest staff trainings in the country, our system is a national model used by camps from coast to coast.


Summer Camp Counselor Jobs Website Team

Randy – With decades of camp experience, a doctorate in developmental, social, and organizational psychology, and eccentricity not measured by any human scale, Randy supports Camp Augusta’s foundation and embellishes its branches with magical charm.

David – My years of summer camp experience include leadership, activity development, and hiring! I first came to the camp world as an international hire from England and love helping other applicants navigate the ins and outs of working with agencies and finding their dream camp jobs. These days, you can find me working on website development, tending to my many aquariums and plants, or training for my next half marathon.  

Casey – I would say that design and copy are my bread and butter if I didn’t like actual bread and butter so much. Logos, color schemes, and blog posts fill my professional world, and home renovation, hiking, and pie-making fill my downtime. I have years of leadership and hiring experience at summer camps across the country, and my all-time favorite camp job was being the “Craft Fairy” at Camp Augusta. I’m most likely to be found in a local coffee shop, reading a book and imagining that I’m the main character. 

Derek – I am a marketing director who helps small businesses find success in the digital world. My time in the camp world has been spent helping teens develop their leadership skills and acting as the director of Camp Augusta’s Wilderness Program. When I’m not working, you can catch me riding my fat tire bike, forging new trails with my Bernese Mountain Dog, or researching new outdoor gear. 

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We’re here to help you identify your unique summer camp fit and give you the tools you need to get hired. In addition to all of the resources we’ve compiled for you here, we’d love to answer any questions you have. We love talking camp! Say hello and let our experts give you the information you need to find the right camp job for you.