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My name is Jacob Andrew Allegre. I visited Camp Augusta in the summer of 2010, and I must say I had the most fun I have ever had. I don’t expect to be remembered by any, for I can’t say I was an exceptional person. I regret that I did not apply myself more at camp, though it did teach me a lot of lessons. It taught me to be myself, regardless of what others thought. It taught me to go out and a take a chance, to explore something I’d never done. It taught me to care for my peers, even when that same luxury was not extended from them to me. Most of all, Camp Augusta imbued in me a love for all things primitive: that getaway from modern life, a return to a simpler time. Archery, hiking, and even the aatl-aatl (I believe I misspelled that) were activities that helped me to respect the wilder, ancient side of things. I loved the camp. Coincidentally, I find myself wearing my camp shirt as I type this letter. It is a shirt that reminds me of a better time. I attended your camp only months after the death of my mother. The experiences I had at camp not only helped me get through my trials, but also to be strong at all times, and to never give up. It taught me that kindness is still in the world.  Camp Augusta taught me many things. Things I will never forget. Thank you for that. I’ve done a lot of maturing in the three years since my time at Camp, and now I can do more than just regret the mistakes I made; now I can simply float down that endless river of memory and enjoy the ride. Thank you, to Randy and all the Camp Augusta staff. Y’all (as we say in my new Oklahoma home) are a good bunch of folks.

Keep up the great work.

Thank You,

Hi Camp Augusta!

Needless to say, Skylar is beaming with excitement for next summer already – just last night she was on the website, watching all of the videos for the millionth time and signing all of the camp songs. Camp Augusta serious changed her a bit last year. She was already an awesome human being, but she definitely grew while at camp with you all and it’s amazing to see how your talents and awesome personalities affect/influence the kids lucky enough o attend Camp with you!


Looking forward to another awesome summer – we actually fell in love with Nevada City last summer the weekend we dropped Skylar to camp and bought a vacation home in the 2 weeks she was at CA. – CRAZY! – but AWESOME!!! So, we’re neighbors now!! ; )


Dear Randy and Everyone at Camp Augusta,

Your ears must have been ringing on Thanksgiving! My two kids, Aidan and Clare, told Camp Augusta stories to their Grandparents for what must have been close to an hour. They were beaming. Brian and I were so thrilled that our experience at Camp Augusta family camp was the topic of conversation (and even Grandma and Grampa seemed engaged!) THANK YOU!

It inspired a few things:

* Our holiday card this year (you’ll be getting one but you can hit the “review your proof” button and see it — hope that works.

* A gift I just made of $500

* And a renewed urgency to sign-up again for next year!! Please, please let me know how we sign up on time for the family camp weekend of September 5, 6, 7 & 8.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday!! And that everyone is healthy and well.

Ann & Brian
and Clare & Aidan

Dear Yelena,

Hi there!  My name is Veronica Gunasekara.  I am honored to be Celeste Gunasekara’s mother.  She has been in communication via email initially with Dearv and now with Lizy about joining either your Junior Counselor or CIRCLE program.  I think that they have decided that the CIRCLE work would be more beneficial.  Her best friends, Thea Varley and Bruce Iverson have been sharing the work with her and with our family.  I am so excited about your work and have been reading your website, the manual that Bruce shared with us and working on communicating more cleanly and non-violently in our family; it’s rigorous yet rewarding work.  I have also been recommending the camp to families at our school.  Thank you so much for your wonderful contribution the world.


From an applicant for our year-round position
We’ve received dozens of such comments like this (this is one of the shorter ones)

I am truly loving what I am seeing!!! If only I could turn back the hands of time and be a camper! Thanks for the quick response, I’ve been watching the great videos and reading my evening / night away.  I am truly amazed by your hard work and dedication, your camp is very unique !

I have had the pleasure of working at a handful of resident camps and visiting many camps through ACA and I can honestly say you are truly thinking outside the box and are running a truly remarkable camp!

I will continue to read through your website and try to absorb as much information as possible and I will be in touch soon.

Thank you,

From a counselor this past summer

Dear Randy,

How I absolutely loved receiving that email, what a read! Yes I would love to continue to receive the updates! Firstly I would like to say my biggest congratulations on the arrival of your beautiful daughters Clove and Annika, what gorgeous names. Those two little girls will grow up with love and gratitude abounding and I am so happy for you and KO, you are no doubt amazing parents 🙂

Since I have left Augusta, life has indeed never been the same. I did expect that, but possibly not quite to the extent at which it impacts my daily life and that of those around me. Quite hard to put into words, but I do know that not a day goes by where I don’t think about camp and everyone in it, as well as in everyday conversations. I am now always aware of how I speak to others, and the way they speak back to me and those around them. It’s amazing to now be so aware of that when I never used to be. I have had people tell me they think I am different, and when I asked them to elaborate, all they could say is, you seem so much more grounded and sure of yourself and what you want and need now. I was stoked to hear that. Also…random fact…but I had a lot of people comment that I looked taller when I returned home, and I did in fact grow 1.5cm over the summer! Must have been the fresh Sierra Nevada air and maybe all of the Yuba swimming that did it!!

I recently invested in a few self teaching books (ukulele, friendship bracelets and knitting) to amuse myself with as I found a great love for them during the summer! I am also waiting for my feet to become less sore so that I can try out aerial silks as we have a club very close to my home!! 🙂

Warmest wishes
Malzy 🙂

From a village leader and 2014 CIRCLE leader:

I survived a freak accident on the freeway in Utah a couple nights ago (ice avalanche from plow on overpass fell on my car in a storm, cracked windshield and barely held). Gave me a Lot of perspective and gratitude for life, as well as for all of the support I have received in friendship and in learning and in purposeful work in my life. I am so grateful for the big huge supportive force for warmth and growth that you and all the camp family have been for me over the past few years. Thank you Randy! Big love to you and the fam!



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