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How Summer Camp Can Help Your College Degree

Have you ever been sitting in a lecture and thought that you don’t have enough experience in what your professors are lecturing about? Working at a summer camp is the perfect opportunity for psychology, education, and related majors to gain practical experience. Read on to learn how summer camp can help your college degree! Classroom [...]

Should I Choose a Summer Camp Job or an Internship?

  Welcome to our world-famous summer camp advice column - where our resident summer camp expert, Auggie Augusta, answers your questions about anything related to summer camp jobs! Today we talk about making the difficult choice between a summer of fun with a summer camp job, or an internship, as well as how to best [...]

Top 5 Soft Skills Summer Camp Puts On Your Resume

From afar, summer camp can look like all tie-dye and glitter (it’s not!) but those perceptions can lead employers to miss all of the incredible skills that come from camp experience - especially soft skills! There are tons of articles out there about the soft skills that modern employers are looking for.  A summer at [...]

What It’s Like To Work At Summer Camp

If you have no experience with summer camps outside of pop culture or distant childhood memories, you are probably asking yourself the question, “What is it like to work at summer camp?” If you stick with the descriptions on job posts you will see words like “fun” and “rewarding” pop up. You will read about [...]

How To Turn Summer Camp Into A Full-time Job

  Wouldn’t it be a dream to make summer camp your full-time job? Summer camp can be so fleeting, so how can you extend this experience over the remaining 8 months of the year? Maybe you succeeded in extending your summer camp experience to off-season, family camps. But this is only on the tail-end month [...]

How To Dress For A Summer Camp Interview

If you have been extended an invitation to interview for a role at a summer camp, you may be wondering how you should dress for the occasion. We’re here to offer some insight on the subject of summer camp etiquette and how to dress for a summer camp interview.    Does How You Dress For […]

How To Reach Out To A Summer Camp You Want To Work For

If you have made the decision to find a job at a summer camp, then congratulations, you’re right at the start of an exciting new adventure. We may be biased, but we think you’ve made a great choice. Summer camps are one of those unique jobs where work and play are intrinsically linked – and […]

5 Great Questions To Ask In A Summer Camp Job Interview

Making it all the way to an interview is an exciting, if daunting, step in the summer camp application process. The interview is often the ultimate make-it or break-it step when it comes to getting the job offer, so it’s important to do everything you can in order to be prepared, make a great impression, […]

4 Mistakes To Avoid When Applying For A Job At Summer Camp

In this article, we’re going to help you stay one step ahead of the competition by sharing 4 common mistakes to avoid when applying for a job at a summer camp.  Every year, thousands of summer camps across America begin the considerable task of hiring the staff necessary to run their upcoming season. Hiring excellent […]