How To Dress For A Summer Camp Interview

If you have been extended an invitation to interview for a role at a summer camp, you may be wondering how you should dress for the occasion. We’re here to offer some insight on the subject of summer camp etiquette and how to dress for a summer camp interview. 


Does How You Dress For A Summer Camp Interview Really Matter?

In a word, yes. 

As much as we’d like to say that you won’t be judged by what you wear, humans tend to do so unconsciously, and the way you present yourself in an interview does tell the interviewer something about you. Showing that you made an effort to look good shows that you care about the opportunity, and see it as something worth taking the extra time to put on a nice shirt. On the other hand, showing up in a dirty t-shirt with coffee stains probably won’t do much to impress the person interviewing you. 


Don’t Dress Exactly For The Job You Want

Have you heard of the phrase “dress for the job you want”? In this scenario, that would likely involve you showing up to your interview in a “when was the last time I washed this?” tie dye t-shirt, about 20 friendship bracelets, hiking shorts, and a tan-line that, upon further inspection, is actually just dirt. While it’s true that most summer camps are casual and playful, we suggest keeping it a tad more cleaned up for the interview. 

A lot of the answer relies on knowing the kind of camp you are interviewing for. For example, a camp with deep religious ties may require a more modest style of dress, or a coding camp may have a dress code that is closer to business casual. Check through the camp’s social media pages and website to get a better idea of how their staff dresses and what kinds of image is important to the camp. 

Summer Camp Counselors In Dinosaur Costumes


Dress Code In The Virtual Age


With most camp job interviews taking place via video conferencing, the reality is that the subject of your attire is unlikely to come up, so choose an outfit that helps you feel comfortable and confident. If you’re distracted because your clothes are not comfortable, that can show up in how you are throughout the whole interview and you may not be at your best. 

As we are all more used to virtual calls, there is a tendency to wear sweatpants and any old t-shirt and not give a second thought to how that looks on a call. While this may be true, there is also a psychological element that when you dress well you can have a positive impact on your emotions, self evaluation, attitude and interaction with others –  all useful traits to have at their best in a job interview.


Camps are fun places, so there’s no need to shy away from color. Remember, the primary focus of working at a summer camp is to be a caretaker for children, so don’t be afraid to let your personality shine!

While time at camp will almost certainly be spent dressed in casual attire, there is little risk in overdressing for your interview. If you do start to feel self-conscious about appearing too gussied-up, you can always say something along the lines of, “I hope this outfit isn’t too formal, I got dressed up a bit because this opportunity really means a lot to me.”

In short, if you show up to your interview clean, confident, and comfortable, the most important thing you can do is let your personality and excitement take the lead. Make Sure you have all the tools you need to get hired at summer camps!


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